Greece with a puppy, are you insane?

Yes, I am frequently asking myself this question, but first off, why are we in Greece, and why do we have a puppy?

Having taken some time off to travel around Europe in our self built camper van, we travelled across Northern Europe and down through the Balkan states to enter Greece. When travelling through the countries of Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia we started noticing how there was quite a number of stray dogs and cats, but soon realised upon entering Greece it was nothing in comparison. (It is estimated that there is over a million stray cats and dogs in Greece!)

We had stopped beside a park in a village in the northern mountains when we noticed this heart wrenching crying. Upon further investigation we discovered an eight week old puppy abandoned in the middle of the road. He was very scared and trembling. We searched the area for other dogs or people but couldn’t find a soul, the only explanation we could come up with was that someone dumped him out of the car and then drove away, (later we discovered that this isn’t an uncommon occurrence in Greece.)

So now confronted with the dilemma, what do we do with this trembling ball of fluff? We could put him back where we found him and pretend we never saw him….well there was absolutely no way we could do that. We could take him to the police…yer right what are they going to do about it! We could try and find one of the few animal shelters that are already overflowing with puppies and dogs, no we couldn’t do that either…so that basically left us with only one option…this little fella just became our newest family member and not yet sure how but he was going to return home with us.

So that is the story of how we have found ourselves to be travelling Greece with a puppy.

If you’re interested to find out how he’s getting on, stay tuned for the next instalment of The Adventures of Ouzo  (yes we called him Ouzo, when he first wakes he walks like he’s had one too many)  and the challenges of raising a puppy, especially in a camper van in Greece.

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