School Partnerships

An enjoyable afternoon was enthusiastically welcomed by a Year 2 class when we visited Lowes Wong Infant School in Southwell.

We are extremely lucky to be able to offer workshops with positive interaction and discussions on animal welfare, which help support learning on many different levels and actively encourage visits to our Centre. We aim to help children understand how important it is to show kindness, care and compassion towards animals as well as each other. Working with rescued animals we use our circle of compassion to explain to children how we help animals recover from cruelty and neglect and how we can prevent this happening to more animals.
For further information about your school, college or workplace visiting our Centre or if you are interested in organising a visit from us please email:

Lowes Wong School

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“Don’t worry, be happy” is always good advice and the Radcliffe on Trent Junior School choir are helping us spread a positive message about animal welfare education and the work of Radcliffe Animal Centre.

The video was partly filmed in our new rehoming and education centre.

It highlights our commitment to working in partnership with local schools and colleges to educate our young people about animal welfare.

We hope to encourage young people to develop their empathy with how animals feel when they are neglected and poorly treated.

Our belief is that this is the key way to improve animal welfare , not only in the present time but well into the future.


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