Animal welfare education, striving for a kinder nation.

Proud to be working with schools to promote kindness, care and compassion.

Kindness, care and compassion are qualities that we should all encourage throughout our community.

Here at Radcliffe Animal Centre we aim to help children understand how important it is to show kindness, care and compassion towards animals as well as each other.

Working with rescued animals we use our circle of compassion to explain to children how we help animals recover from cruelty and neglect and how we can prevent this happening to more animals.

Our Circle of Compassion promotes learning to be kind, teaching people how to care for animals properly and sharing our respect and compassion for all living things.

Our aim is to keep this message circling round and round our community.


Educational Visits

You come to us or we come to you.

Our educational visits are the perfect platform for us to deliver our message of Animal Welfare Education through Kindness, Care and Compassion.

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Nottingham University Vet School

In affiliation with Nottingham University Vet School, we aim to provide final year graduates with valuable experience of shelter medicine.

This also ensures that our centre has access to highly qualified vets when treating our animals that have suffered cruelty and neglect.

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We are proud to assist and mentor young people, providing apprenticeships, encouraging qualifications and developing employment skills.

We offer apprenticeship placements working closely with local colleges in order for students to achieve their NVQ in animal and customer care.

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Pet Pals

Our Pet Pals activities are full of creative ideas, games & competitions to keep you entertained,whilst bringing you Radcliffe Animal Centre’s message of Kindness, Care and Compassion.

It’s a great time to learn more about how to keep your pet safe and healthy.

Fun Activities

Literacy Support

Animal welfare explored through poetry, drama and music.At Radcliffe Animal Centre we are working with schools and teachers.

Together we can get them to think about using poetry, drama and music to explore issues around animal cruelty.

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School Partnerships

Working in partnership with local schools and colleges to educate our young people about animal welfare.

We hope to encourage young people to develop their empathy with how animals feel when they are neglected and poorly treated.

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To find out how we can help you with education and outreach, get in touch with our friendly staff

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