Educational Visits

Here at Radcliffe Animal Centre we are very pleased to be able to offer animal welfare educational activities to community groups and organisations.

The RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre Trust is an independent charity which receives no financial assistance from the National Lottery or Government and is separate from the national RSPCA. We therefore raise all of our funds internally from local people, fundraising events, companies and other organisations.

Our educational visits are free of charge but we do ask you to set up a ‘Donation Station’  before your visit to give something back to the animals here at the Centre.

Please see the Before Your Visit section on the different types of visit below for more details.

We use these educational visit activities to help spread our message of Kindness , Care and Compassion.

The visits will take place on Wednesdays or Thursdays between 1st March  and 30th September.

PLEASE NOTE : On any educational visit we cannot guarantee that we will be able to let you meet the animals.

Working with rescued animals we use our Circle of Compassion to explain to children how we help animals recover from cruelty and neglect and how we can prevent this happening to more animals. Our Circle of Compassion promotes learning to be kind, teaching people how to care for animals properly and sharing our respect and compassion for all living things.

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We have prepared a Risk Assessment for your visit but you may need to carry out your own risk assessment before you visit.

Radcliffe Animal Centre risk assessment for visiting groups.

We are often being asked to provide our Public Liability Insurance details when we visit organisations. Details are below:

Radcliffe Animal Centre Public Liability Insurance Cover

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