Vet Suite

Our onsite veterinary suite provides our animals with expert care without delay. From the moment they arrive at the centre and throughout their rehabilitation, our animals are routinely examined and receive any necessary treatment in preparation for rehoming.

The animal centre employs its own vet so care of our animals is continuous.

We also have the supporting expertise of Nottingham University vet school and help train new vets as part of our community education work, giving them an insight into shelter medicine and the challenges we face.

We are a Cat Friendly Clinic

RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre has achieved the silver award in the Cat Friendly Clinic programme run by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).

Our team are trained in feline-friendly handling and examination techniques, with centre vet Jo designated as our ‘cat advocate’.

As a Cat Friendly Clinic, our aim is to reduce anxiety and ensure any veterinary experience and stay with us is stress-free and comfortable. We are absolutely committed to delivering high standards of care with both expertise and compassion.

Cat Friendly Rehoming

Radcliffe Animal Centre is very proud to be one of the first animal centres across the world to achieve the Cat Friendly Homing Certificate.

This is a new initiative by International Cat Care to improve cat welfare standards across the world and we are proud to ensure our cats receive the best of care, support and rehoming opportunities throughout their journey with us.

This award sits nicely by the side of our Cat Friendly Clinic status which also ensures the veterinary facilities and treatment they receive is as stress free and welfare friendly as possible.

Adoption Lounge

Our adoption lounge is a comfortable and private area for families to chat about various dogs in our care before meeting them. We will discuss with you the needs and requirements of individual dogs and the type of companion you are looking for so we can help find you a suitable match and answer any questions you may have.

Our adoption lounge is also used for educational activities and has a number of key messages about the benefits of pet ownership.

Consultation Rooms

We have two consultation rooms, separate for dogs and cats. This helps give you and your animal some privacy whilst we give you advice or administer any treatment during the early stages of rehoming.

Post adoption support is important to us so please remember we are here to help with any worries or concerns.

Education Suite

As part of our commitment to animal welfare education within our community, our education room is used by many different colleges, schools and groups. In here we are able to deliver presentations about our work at Radcliffe Animal Centre and the animals we help.

We also host corporate volunteer days and our education suite can be hired by private companies if they are wanting to do some training or hold a meeting, meaning they can support animal welfare in the process.

Rabbit Retreat

Rabbits are sadly one of the most neglected animals we come across and it’s really important to learn how to care for them properly.

Here at Radcliffe Animal Centre we aim to teach children (and grown-ups) what you can do to meet their needs and provide them with a happy and healthy rabbit lifestyle.

Our rabbit chalets allow plenty of room for hopping and exploring and lots of hay for foraging and nibbling!

Cat Lounges

Our two new lounges help create a home like environment for cats to interact with staff, adopters and volunteers, ensuring they have a safe, relaxed space for lots of kitty cuddles and playtime.

The cat lounges will assist us with adoptions and also our educational projects with children – reading to animals and learning about animal welfare.

Quiet Area

Our quiet garden is exactly that! This is a peaceful area, away from the kennels, for adopters, volunteers and staff to spend some one to one time with the dogs in our care.

Many of the dogs are taken on here after having a free run on the field, to calm and relax them and to practice some basic training commands.

If you have reserved a dog, we encourage you to visit several times and this is a pleasant area to help with bonding before you take your new friend home.


Our shop is open 9 am-4pm daily and sells a variety of pet food, toys and accessories. If you are adopting an animal from us then we can help you with collar and harness fitting on the day you take your new pet home.

We also provide a pet tag and microchipping service.

Whatever you require our friendly reception team are always on hand and are happy to assist you.

Fun and Run Exercise Field

Here is where the real fun happens, off lead to run around, sniff and explore, our dogs are able to burn off some energy away from their kennels.

If you are visiting us for adoption, then you will be able to meet and greet your potential new dog in here, watch them play and see how they interact.

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