Nottingham University Vet School

Proud to be supporting vets of the future

Working in affiliation with Nottingham University Vet School we provide final year veterinary students valuable experience of shelter medicine and treating animals that have suffered cruelty and neglect. Our facilities allow students to be guided through operations under the close supervision of our own vet.

Our partnership also means rescued animals can benefit from the opinions and surgical skills of specialist vets, helping them on the road to recovery.

Nottingham University Vet School has recently been awarded the highest level of accreditation by EAEVE (European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education). In the UK only Nottingham Vet School and the Royal Veterinary College London have been awarded this status. Radcliffe Animal Centre was visited by EAEVE and we are immensely proud to have contributed towards this inspection and award. The president of EAEVE highly commended the animal centre, our facilities and our overall contribution to education and animal welfare.

Helping vets to understand our work and the challenges we face means we can all work together for the benefit of animals in need.

This video explains how our partnerships with the university will work and the benefits it will bring.

Would you like to become a vet ?

Maybe this video can help answer some of your questions.



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