Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome.

We support the work of the national RSPCA but are a separately registered trust.We rely on donations and legacies made specifically to this animal centre to support our goals of Rehoming and Education.

We therefore raise all of our funds internally from local people, fundraising events, companies and other organisations. These funds are vital in order for us to carry on with our work and allow us to care for the number of animals here at the centre today.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need and provide them with the love, care and attention they deserve throughout their journey to find a forever home.

For more than 60 years Radcliffe Animal Centre has been responsible for the rescue and rehoming of thousands of abandoned and neglected dogs, cats and other animals; working alongside the RSPCA inspectors to support those involved in legal cases and provide these animals with the security they need during what can be a very uncertain time for them. We ensure they have the mental and physical stimulation and the best care and rehabilitation preparing them for their life beyond the centre.

We strive to do the best we can for all the animals here at the centre and we never compromise on animal welfare.


The site was originally the home of Trevart Boarding Kennels, and in 1963 the shelter was developed and provided accommodation for 23 dogs and 60 cats.

In 1973 a separate Trust was created for the running of the shelter and that is when the Radcliffe Animal Shelter Trust came into existence.

The animal centre is licensed to provide accommodation for up to 90 dogs, 92 cats and 10 rabbits. From time to time it will have other small animals and birds to rehome.

Our shop

Our shop is open 9 am-4pm daily and sells a variety of pet food, toys and accessories.  If you are adopting an animal from us then we can help you with collar and harness fitting on the day you take your new pet home.

We also provide a pet tag and microchipping service.

Whatever you require our friendly reception team are always on hand and are happy to assist you.

“Team Radcliffe”

Our team have a range of animal welfare skills and qualifications and will be on hand to advise you during your visit to the centre. Our expertise include a consultant veterinary surgeon ,animal behaviour advisors and trainers, animal care assistants and nursing support staff.

We also have a media team, so if you have anything you want to tell us please email

Meet The Team

Customer care

We understand that many people need to use our services for a variety of reasons. We pride ourselves in delivering the best animal welfare service we can. Our aim is to give professional, practical and helpful advice in all aspects of animal welfare.

If you have any ways you feel we could improve our service, please use the form on our contact page.

Vet Suite Project

Our vet suite project was completed in 2020. Partly funded by the Rural Development LEADER Programme. We were able to add a second operating theatre to employ a full-time on-site vet.

The project also gave us the opportunity to work with Nottingham University Vet School to provide shelter medicine experience to their final year students.

Vets of the Future

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