Cody’s Story

One of our most memorable success stories involved Cody the Staffie cross Labrador, adopted by Helen in 2013. Cody has not only settled in his new life really well but has helped to change the life of Helen’s son Matt in a very special way.

“Due to Matt’s Autism he finds it hard to interact and to play and we wanted a family dog to help Matt¬† learn these things, and it’s worked out so well.” Said Helen.

“Cody is the most tolerant, gentle young dog you could meet, Matt loves to throw a ball for him and take him for walks. Matt can’t talk so we taught Cody signs so Matt could give him commands too and to see them so calm and peaceful makes us feel so blessed to have been able to take Cody home as our dog. He has enhanced ours, and especially Matt’s, life so much.” Adds Helen.

Cody has not only helped Matt but he seems to make a positive impact wherever he goes, as Helen explains: “He’s known by everyone in our community, where so many of the kids use to be so scared of dogs and have now overcome their fear, due to Cody’s incredibly good nature. We feel we have fallen on our feet with Cody and couldn’t have hoped for a better dog.”






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