Bess’s Story

A member of the public witnessed the kitten hurling through the air landing on her tiny face.

By the time they realised this was actually a kitten, they had seen a vehicle driving on the A46 throwing a number of ‘objects’ from the car window. The horrifying truth dawned that these perhaps were all kittens and a desperate search ensued to find the others. Only Bess was found despite many volunteers returning to the area to search. Helpless and vulnerable, such deliberate acts of cruelty never cease to shock and appal our team.

Bess arrived at Radcliffe Animal centre with trauma to her eye, nose and mouth and there was a huge concern she may have suffered injury to her brain from the force of the impact. Bess was given emergency treatment and taken home under the watchful care and expertise of our vet Jo.

After two weeks of care and treatment Bess made good progress. On the mend now, we watched her come on in leaps and bounds. Many of her facial wounds have healed. Her eye is improving, although at this stage we are still having to monitor the swelling as there is a concern of a fracture on her orbital bone, we are hopeful some of her sight can be saved and long term damage will be minimal but only time will tell.

I’m sure you will agree from these photos Bess is starting to love life. Seeing her improve is really rewarding. At times our work is tough and it can sometimes feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster, not knowing whether an animal will pull through from the cruelty that was senselessly inflicted.

Bess is currently in a foster home, where the family are hoping, down the line they will be able to adopt her. Offering Bess her forever home.

There is never an excuse to inflict such pain and suffering and anyone needing help should contact the RSPCA or other charities for advice. Neutering your pet will help prevent unwanted animals and these types of cruel and painful acts. Every year during the summer we brace ourselves for a huge influx of unwanted kittens that could have been prevented through neutering.

Bess’s story however shocking, is not unique. Help us to continue providing care to animals like her. It is only with your generosity and kindness we are able to help them recover and start new lives.

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