Passports, vaccines and rabies risk!


Finally!…Ouzo is old enough to have his 2nd vaccines and rabies shot. I’d like to say he was a brave boy,  but no… he whaled like a banshee, leaving the vet nurse looking rather embarrassed and apologising profusely saying it shouldn’t hurt!…have I mentioned he’s a bit of a drama queen.

To travel in Europe with a pet you need an EU pet passport, which you can get from most vets. To acquire one your pet needs to be first microchipped and then have a rabies vaccination, you then need to wait 21 days before you can travel out of the country. This we have had to do with Ouzo in Greece but we had the added wait because he was a puppy we had to wait till he was three months old before he could have his rabies vaccine. To get your pet back into the UK it also needs a tapeworm treatment administered by a vet no less than 24hrs and no more than 5 days before you reenter the country.
This is all starting to sound very complicated isn’t it!
There’s one more thing we have to take into account…the route we take to get back from Greece. Some countries in Europe are still high rabies risk. Therefore if we decide to enter one of those on our way home there could be the added risk of Ouzo having to go into quarantine.
Unfortunately Albania, Serbia and Romania are all high risk rabies countries, leaving us the only option of catching the ferry to Italy.
As for Ouzo himself, he has nearly doubled in size. I’d proudly like to inform that his poop is back to normal, the worms have all departed. He still remains vocal and has found his singing voice; he sings along to the ‘Suits’ theme tune (which we watch in the campervan in the evenings).
He is also en extremely friendly puppy wagging his little tail up to any stranger he encounters. While staying at a campground we had to quickly rescue a German man who was returning from his shower with a towel wrapped around his waist, and Ouzo unashamedly attached trying to tug his towel off him!
He’s also very good at photo bombing!

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