Mummy, where’s my balls ?

Hi there my name’s Ouzo and now I’m 10 months old. My mummy said that I am old enough to write my own blog. My last blog was nearly 7 months ago where my mummy wrote about how she had found me wandering the streets, abandoned in Eastern Europe, and our journey of thousands of miles in a camper van to my new home in England.

Everyone we meet keeps telling my mummy what a lucky boy I am, but she tells me she feels pretty lucky too having me in her life.

My life so far has been pretty fun. I go for lots of walks, where I can run free for ages, and if I see a rabbit or a squirrel….omg so exciting….I run so hard to catch them…usually I don’t manage to but I caught a baby squirrel the other day….I was so proud of myself, but my mummy swooped down on me from out of nowhere and whipped the little thing away and ,to my disappointment, she let it go to scurry up a tree. 

I have learnt lots of tricks like sit, lie down, shake a paw and high five. I haven’t quite mastered the walking nicely on the lead yet…I do try, but I seem to forget so quickly as there’s so many good smells to check out, other dogs and people to meet. I love meeting new people and dogs, mummy tries to explain to me that not everyone likes dogs and that I can’t just race up to strangers for some loving.

I kind of like water but only as long as I don’t get my tummy or head wet, I am working my way up to swimming.

The big thing that happened recently was I went into see my friend Jo the Vet at the RSPCA Radcliffe. She was really lovely but she shaved a bit of hair off my leg which I thought was a little weird. Then she put a sharp thing into my leg, she was ever so careful,  I didn’t even really feel it, but soon after I got real sleepy.

When I woke about an hour later I had this strange blue cushion around my neck, you know one of those flight cushions like I was off on a long plane journey. I felt really woozy and when I went to walk I looked like I had had one too many of my namesake!

Not long after, mummy came to get me, she had a real concerned look on her face and was giving me loads of cuddles. I overheard Jo telling mummy that I was very good but had let off smelly trumps through the whole operation…how embarrassing, I didn’t even know I trumped in my sleep!

I felt a bit sorry for myself that evening but mainly because I had to wear this silly blue collar. Mummy explained to me that I had to wear it as I had had an operation and I wasn’t allowed to lick it or it could get infected. I was still a little confused about the whole thing and not quite sure what had happened.

Mummy gave me lots of cuddles and explained that the operation was to remove my furry little nutmegs, so that I was unable to make little puppies. 

As I was a stray myself and remember how scared and alone I felt,  I can see how important it is not to have lots of unwanted animals born into this world. I was one of the lucky ones but there are  lots that aren’t, and because my mummy works at the RSPCA Radcliffe I get to meet lots of animals who are still looking for their own mummies and daddies. They all have the neutering operation like me before they go to their forever home. 

It’s been two months now since the operation and I’ve totally forgotten about it all. I’m still a lean, keen running machine, who loves food and can be a wee bit cheeky…I do try my best to be a good boy…I really do!

Ta léme….(that’s ‘See you later’ in Greek)


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