Hike For Hounds 2020

Our annual sponsored walk , Hike for Hounds, was a little bit different this year .

Normally, we would meet at the Centre and set off to walk in a group to raise money for our animals here at The Centre.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant this was not possible and we had to come up with an alternative way to hold the event.

The decision was taken to make this years Hike for Hounds a challenge which would last for the entire month of October.

We would challenge our fund raisers to walk as many miles as they could in October, whilst collecting sponsorship along the way.

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Centre staff and volunteers also rose to the challenge and were aptly named “Team Radcliffe”.

Team Radcliffe’s target was to walk 1,000 miles during October with the Centre dogs.

This meant walking 30 dogs just over 1 mile each day in October.

Why 1,000 miles ?

Every year at Radcliffe Animal Centre we have approximately 1,000 animals brought into our care.

The 1,000 mile target is in recognition of the number of animals we help.

Our fund raising target was £1,000.00 , £1.00 for every mile walked.


To ensure a Covid-safe process, this year we moved to a fully online process for registration and collecting sponsorship.

We used JustGiving as our fund raising platform and invited everyone who registered for the hike to join our online team.

At the end of October, we had:

  • 20 people registered to take part in the walk
  • 12 people signed up to our online fundraising team
  • 158 supporters on our JustGiving page
  • Raised a total of £2,873.00 online

We think you will agree that this year’s Hike for Hounds Challenge has been a huge success and it may be the way we continue into the future.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed in any way to achieving this magnificent total.

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