Legacy Donations

The RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Shelter Trust is an independent charity which receives no financial assistance from the Government or National Lottery and it is separately funded from the national RSPCA.

Although we support the aims and objectives of the national RSPCA we rely on donations made directly to this animal centre to achieve our aims of Rehoming and Education across our local community.

Our annual running costs are around £800,000 per annum. With ever rising costs, from veterinary medicines to utilities, it is a constant challenge to raise these funds ensuring every animal can receive the care it needs through its journey of rehabilitation to rehoming.

Legacy gifts enable us to maintain and advance the animal centre for the benefit of all who need our services. Over the years these gifts have been instrumental in modernising animal accommodation, developing on site veterinary care and offering better facilities for our adopters. And of course they help ensure enough funds are available for the care and treatment of future animals in need. This is always our priority.

Legacies can be a difficult topic to discuss. Some of us prefer to think of it as a topic for others; that we are far off thinking about that kind of thing. Others may see it as boring or just unpleasant to discuss money issues; we simply don’t want to discuss a time when our life may come to an end.

But for many people, discussing a Will and having a plan in place for their passing, brings a great source of comfort that their affairs are all in order. They feel a sense of relief that they remain in control of their wishes, pride and purpose that their legacy will continue to help others in the causes that are close to their hearts and an immense feeling of peace that they will still be doing some good, even when they’re gone.

This is Keith’s story.

Should you wish to consider leaving a legacy gift to directly benefit the work of Radcliffe Animal Centre, please ensure your Will writer or solicitor knows that Radcliffe is a separately registered charity. In order for your gift to reach us, you need to specify the name of Radcliffe Animal Centre and specify our separately registered charity number 503759. 

We have created a leaflet to help you make sure that your gift will come to Radcliffe Animal Centre.

You can read the leaflet here or  by clicking on the image below.

Legacy Donations

Together we can make a difference to the lives of neglected and abandoned animals. 

It is without any doubt that the kindness  intended from these legacy gifts is what helps our work live on. 

Thank you


You may also find it useful to take this leaflet to your solicitor or Will writer so that they can confirm you are donating directly to Radcliffe Animal Centre.

In the video below, Amanda Voakes, of Chatterton solicitors , discusses the advantages of making sure your will is written correctly.

If you require any more information or have any questions then please email fundraising@rspca-radcliffe.org.uk or pop in to the centre for a chat.

What Next?

If a relative or loved one has left a gift in their will for the RSPCA Radcliffe Trust then you can simply come down to the Centre and we can process the donation for you. We will also engrave a dedication plaque which will be featured in our rehoming and education centre.

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