External Visit

Thank you for your interest in having our team visit your organisation.

We can facilitate 2 types of visit to you and your organisation:

Animal Welfare Education:
This is a great way of learning about our work and the correct way of looking after your pets.
We believe discussions on animal welfare are beneficial to both children, animals and our community as a whole, supporting learning and encouraging empathy.

Wellbeing visits:
Studies show that time with animals in your work or study place helps to alleviate stress, boost creativity and productivity.
These visits are more difficult to arrange because we cannot guarantee that the animals currently at the Centre are suitable to bring on a visit.

Please remember that visits take place between 1st March and 30th September on Wednesday and Thursdays.

We can visit either in the morning(10:30-11:30) or in the afternoon(1:30-2:30) and these typically last for an hour.

Potential visits need to be requested and confirmed before they can go ahead using the button below.

Unfortunately, on both types of visit, we cannot guarantee that we will have any suitable animals available to bring with us but we will certainly try our best.

Request a  Visit

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Before our visit

We ask that you set up a ‘Donation Station’ a couple of weeks before our visit and encourage people to donate items that are useful for our animals here at the Centre.

Donations of towels, blankets, toys and food; are always gratefully received for our dogs, cats and rabbits. Our dogs and cats seem to have firm favourites in what they like to eat too, our dogs enjoy Winalot, Butchers and Pedigree whilst our cats think Whiskas and Felix is purrfect.

Please note we are unable to accept duvets, pillows or cushions.

We will collect any donations on the day of our visit but if you need help with donations to the Centre then please get in touch with us.

If you prefer, you can use our Amazon wishlists and have the donation sent directly to us.

Don’t forget to write a note so we know who sent the donation.

Amazon Wishlists 


During our visit

Animal Welfare Education Visit:
We start the session off by introducing ourselves and our relationship with the RSPCA
We then split into small groups to take part in fun activities
You can see what an example of which activities we will bring with us using the buttons below :

Primary School Activities

Secondary School Activities

Staff Wellbeing Visit
We start the session off by introducing ourselves and our relationship with the RSPCA.
We will then introduce the animals we have brought with us.
The rest of the session is an informal, meet the animals section.
We ask that when meeting the animals that it is done in small groups and please approach the animals slowly and carefully.

After our visit

We would be grateful if you could complete the feedback forms and let us have the completed forms before we leave.

We hope that you enjoyed our visit to see you and that you remember some of the things that you learned about Radcliffe Animal Centre.

Including our animal welfare education programme and most importantly how to look after your pet properly.

Tell everybody about Kindness, Care and Compassion to all living things. 



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