Easter Do’s & Don’ts

It’s the Easter bank holiday weekend and we all understand the importance right now of staying home. Whilst we stay at home with our pets it’s important to keep them safe. We have put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts. Following these points should ensure Easter is full of the joys of spring for everyone, including our furry friends!



  • DO play games with your pets. Scatter feeding, using Kong’s or encouraging your pet to fetch a ball for their kibble can give them exercise for their body and help with mental stimulation too. And don’t forget cats. Sometimes they like to play fetch too!
  • DO teach them a new trick. See how many of these your dog has mastered; sit, lie down, paw, other paw, stay and roll over. All of these will give your dog something to think about whilst improving your bond with your pet. Always praise good behaviour but just ignore any unwanted behaviours. Your pet will soon start to understand. Some cats and rabbits can learn tricks too!
  • DO ensure your pet has a quiet place to go if you know you have a busy household, this way you can all be happy! Pheromone/herbal remedy diffusers can help to keep your pets calm too.
  • DO get your one form of exercise a day with your dog. Whilst we may love to go for long walks, at the moment it’s important we all do our bit. If you are doing less exercise with your pet than normal then use games and learning new tricks to help burn off some energy too.
  • DO have a look at our Pet Pals section – this is for all the family and there are a great range of activities to keep you entertained over the weekend. Have a go at our photo challenge this week.



  • DO NOT give your dog chocolate Easter eggs, and ensure they are well out of your dog’s reach. If you are doing an Easter egg hunt in the garden then ensure there aren’t any leftover eggs that your pet can get to!
  • DO NOT let your dog get hold of any other Easter delights, like Hot Cross Buns or Simnel Cake. Any foods like these containing raisins and currants are poisonous to dogs and can cause kidney failure, which could be fatal. Ensure they are kept up high and out of the way of your dog’s nose! Also avoid foods containing xylitol – this can be toxic to your pets. Check before buying peanut butter – some forms contain xylitol so can’t be given to our pets.
  • DO NOT allow your dog to access areas of the garden where bulbs are planted. Particularly if they are prone to digging and chewing things up!
  • DO NOT let your pet near spring flowers, especially Daffodils, Lilies and Tulips. These can be toxic to our pets so it’s important to keep them away from our dogs, cats and rabbits.
  1. DO NOT buy pets, in particular rabbits on impulse around Easter. Take time to read up on their individual needs before adopting one.

We hope you all are staying safe and keeping well at this time. Wishing you a restful and relaxing Easter Weekend.

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