Welcome Lowdham Cubs


Penny was found in a crate by builders in a property with no access to food or water in February 2017.

She had been left in these unacceptable conditions for some time and her suffering had caused physical and mental damage.

She was anxious, guarded and cowering in fear.


When Penny was brought into our care, she was given the veterinary care and rehabilitation she vitally needed.

All the hard work and dedication of staff here at the centre has paid off.

18 months on, Penny is a completely different dog.

Bright, excitable and full of life once again.



Sam was brought into us by an RSPCA inspector, he was in a real bad way, very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain.

Due to a bad skin condition that had been ignored, Sam had lost most of his fur and an old injury to one of his back legs was also causing him a lot of discomfort.

Sam had endless skin soothing baths to calm his skin and was put on eye and ear treatment.

Our centre vet decided to amputate Sam’s back leg to avoid further surgical complications and pain.

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