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Design & Create Challenge

Get creative and design your own DIY pet toy or food puzzle. We are wanting you to recycle, customize and create. Raid your recycling bin, be inspired by your pets needs and be imaginative. Creating a safe activity for your furry friend to enjoy. WELL DONE to Grace age 9 with her dog Ruby, who… Read more »

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Photo Shoot Challenge

Especially designed for our younger Pet Pal followers. Get creative with a camera or phone. We are looking for a Caring & Compassionate artistic shot of your adored pet. No Selfies. No Filters. We want to see your pet happy, healthy and doing what they enjoy most. Emphasising the special bond you and your pet… Read more »

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Short Story Challenge.

Reaching out to all our young poets & authors. Your story or poem must be titled  “Found & Rescued” and be no more than 200 words in length. It must include the words “Kindness”, “Care” & “Compassion”. We would love to receive your story, preferably handwritten with a drawing to compliment it. Taking a photo… Read more »

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