It is with a heavy heart that we bring you the sad news of Bella’s passing.
Our beautiful and courageous friend was peaceful at home with her owners.
We have been truly blessed in caring for her and proud to have been part of her story.
We will be ever thankful to her owners Maggie and Charlie for welcoming her into their home our amazing team dedicated to her recovery and of course to Jane and Joanne her heroic rescuers.
We will remember Bella as happy in her new home surrounded by love, kindness and respect. That is all we ever wanted for her and we are comforted that this is where she found peace and was finally able to let go.
Love to you always Bella, you will never be forgotten.


Bella’s story is one of triumph, hope and recovery. With all odds against her Bella miraculously survived being tied to a boulder and dumped in the River Trent in a deliberate attempt to drown her. Many months of care and veterinary treatment was needed following her ordeal.

Without the support of the public, the recovery of animals like Bella would not be possible.

Not every animal has a story so widely covered as Bella’s but still too many undergo horrific acts of cruelty. Help us to help more animals recover from cruelty by donating to the Bella Fund. A fund set up to support the veterinary treatment of animals undergoing rehabilitation at Radcliffe Animal Centre.

Helping abused, abandoned and neglected animals in memory of Bella’s life:

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