The realities of raising a puppy

So it’s been a couple of weeks with Ouzo, and oh how life has changed!

First off we took him to the vets to get his first vaccinations, along with a flea and worm treatment and his very own pet passport. The vet said he looked pretty healthy but was probably suffering from worms as his tummy was a bit bloated and his poop resembled butterscotch angels delight!

To get him back to the UK means we have to hang out in Greece for awhile first until he’s old enough to have his Rabies shot to travel…Greece, sunny and warm…UK, grey and cold…hmmm it’s a tough one!

Now, we absolutely love our little Ouzo but for those of you out there thinking of getting a puppy who have never had a puppy before I’ll let you in on the reality of raising a puppy.

First you have to get up every few hours in the night to take him to the toilet, and when he needs to go he needs to go NOW! He runs around like a headless chook in a total panic until we let him out…but I’d proudly like to say he’s very good at letting us know when he needs the toilet, and we’ve only had a couple of accidents.

Puppies like to explore the world with their teeth, so everything you own including your hands and feet will look like they have been attacked by an orienteering marker punch. And even though you have purchased chew toys for him, he will always prefer your shoes. (We have been considering changing his name to ‘Terabyte’!)

When it comes to food time, he acts like he hasn’t been fed in weeks, even though he gets 4 meals a day at the moment, so while you are preparing his meal he is bouncing off the walls and yelping in a way that sounds like you’re torturing him (yes, very embarrassing in a camper van). He’s still at an age where his emotions are a bit overwhelming for him…and us!

Now instead of spending our time in the evenings researching the historical places we are going to visit, I find myself googling ‘Why is my puppy so hungry?’, ‘Why does my puppy poop so much?’,  ‘What do worm eggs look like in my puppies poop?’….etc etc!

And talking about poop, I have lowered myself to squatting  on the roadside examining his poop with a stick to see if all the worm eggs have passed through (it was only later that my partner pointed out that passers by may mistake my actions as me doing something else!). 😳

Saying all this though he still is an absolute delight and is continually making us laugh with his antics and his vocals both when he’s awake and when dreaming. He has definitely settled in well to campervan life.

As cute as a puppy is though, it’s not a decision to make lightly. If you have busy lives and want a dog I’d definitely recommend adopting an older dog who has moved past his drama queen days!


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