Penny’s Story



When you think of a Dalmatian puppy, you imagine a happy, healthy bundle of joy, growing up in the security of a loving home – but sadly this is not life that every puppy leads. And for eight-month-old Penny, this was far from her reality.

When Penny was discovered in a property by builders, she was in such a shocking condition that the RSPCA was contacted immediately.

Poor Penny had been found in a crate with no access to food or water, in a grossly emaciated state.
Her body was so frail, her hip bones, spine and ribs had become exposed which suggested she had been left in those conditions for some time – such an awful experience for a young puppy to have gone through.
Her suffering had not only caused physical damage but also mental – she was far from the bouncy puppy she once would have been, instead was she was anxious, guarded, and all she could do was cower in fear – and who could blame her?

Thankfully Penny was found in time and brought to us here at the shelter where she was given the care and rehabilitation she so vitally needed.

After a month in our care she was placed in to foster care with Michael and Angela Newton, who after six months, once Penny’s case had be resolved, made the decision to officially adopt her.

Through the hard work and dedication of the team at Radcliffe and the care of her foster home, Penny is now a completely different dog, bright, excitable and full of life once again.

Michael Newton, explained: “The fostering period lasted some six months, during which we got to know one another’s quirks, and of course we completely fell in love with her. Dogs have an innate ability to persuade people to become attached to them, and we very quickly got used to having her around us.”

“When the court case ended and Penny was signed over to the RSPCA, we immediately decided to keep her, having had her for six months we were much too fond of her to give her up.”

Michael added: “All in all, we are delighted to have Penny as our companion, despite her chewing and enthusiastic pulling on the lead. She is now 14 months old, and we are arranging to take her to adolescent classes to ensure that she develops as a sound and well-behaved canine good citizen. In return, she keeps us fit, healthy and happy as she is so affectionate and we would not be without her.”




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