Rescued Dogs

2021 sadly started for us with more neglect. Emergency services, RSPCA staff and volunteers assisted with the rescue of  30 dogs, so matted and covered in faeces they were beyond recognition as to their breeds.

Clearly they had been neglected for a significant amount of time and required their coats to be completely shaved and emergency dentals to be carried out. One dog was in such a state with pus leaking from her mouth that it reduced rescue staff to tears.

We are all working under tough conditions at the moment and there are so many emotions when faced with the additional pressures of cases like this.

But onwards and upwards – with some much needed care and treatment over the next few weeks, we will hopefully see these little ones make a good recovery as we start to find them new homes. This positivity from rescue to rehome, is what makes it all worthwhile.

One week later….

We are seeing such a difference whilst we work with these dogs to slowly build their trust and discover their individual personalities.

Dematting and removing the vast majority of their overgrown fur has given them a new lease of life. They are now able to move freely without experiencing the pain of those heavy matts, glued together with excrement, pulling and tearing at their skin. They can now see the world around them without filthy hair stabbing at their eyes infecting them with dirt and disease.

They are now able to play and explore each other, able to feel the sensation of different textures on their paws.

Their dentals will help heal their mouths so they can eat without pain.

Their baths will soothe their skin until their wounds can heal.

Medication will bring their infections under control.

They will be given love and respect throughout their rehabilitation journey as we prepare them for their new lives.

“Kindness exists powerful and strong

Winning the battle against those that do wrong

No longer neglected, no longer rejected

Care and compassion can heal those affected.”

Offering a home…

Thank you for all your enquiries regarding these poor dogs rescued from Lincolnshire.

We are overwhelmed with people wishing to help and support them and we are extremely grateful for this.

We are advising anyone who is interested in offering them a permanent home to complete an adoption application on our website:

Dog Adoption Form

Please be aware that we are inundated with applications and we will therefore only be in touch if we have a suitable match for you.

The dogs need to undergo veterinary care and TLC from our staff before they’ll be ready for re-homing.

Please keep supporting us, we need to be here as much as ever before!

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