Together we can make a difference

The Gamston Lock in Gamston, Trent Vehicle Charging in Colwick and Radcliffe-on-Trent Golf Club are displaying our collection buckets on their customer counters.
Tesco Extra in Toton, Pets at Home in Netherfield and Pets at Home, Castle Marina, Nottingham all have a donation station set up in their store, for you to pop any food, treats or toys in.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all your continued support.
For all the blankets, towels and bedding we receive, unwanted, new, crocheted, weaved and stitched.
All the food, treats and toys brought in through the door and through the post. The cash donations over the phone, through our door and online. Our animals are so grateful.
We also have our own Amazon Wishlist and are receiving gifts, far and wide:
We are an independent charity which receives no financial assistance from the National Lottery or Government and is separate from the national RSPCA. We really do appreciate your support and are overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity you are all sharing. THANK YOU

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