World Veterinary Day

Saturday 25th April was World Veterinary Day where we celebrate the work of our veterinary teams, taking care of our animals. During this pandemic, vets all over the world have carried on their work, doing their very best to ensure animal health and welfare remains a top priority. It has been a particularly challenging time having to reduce the amount of patients seen to only those deemed urgent or emergencies, adapting to telemedicine and keeping teams going in worrying and uncertain times. Now more than ever, is a great time to thank our veterinary teams all over the world.

We think of general practice and say a huge thank you to the veterinary nurses, veterinary surgeons and their support staff. However there are so many other areas of veterinary medicine you may not think of initially. Just to name a few, veterinary staff work in; universities, the Armed Forces, laboratories, charities and the government. These are all very important in developing veterinary teams of the future, regulating and advising these teams and providing animal care in a huge variety of situations all over the world.

Here at RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre, we have a relatively small team of Amber, Emma and Lucy who are our animal care assistants in the vet suite and Jo our centre vet. Having this team and our veterinary suite means that our animals can remain on site to be examined, receive veterinary treatments and have any surgeries required. This in turn, can reduce the time needed for their rehabilitation and reduce the stress for our animals, all helping to prepare them for their adoptions and future homes.



We also receive a huge amount of support from the University of Nottingham Vet School, especially Steve Brogden and Professor Rob White who provide their expertise and skills to attend to animals under our care as well as helping to teach the veterinary surgeons of the future. In one year, between 100-150 final year veterinary students pass through the centre’s veterinary suite. They learn about surgery, anaesthesia, charity work and shelter medicine as well as gaining valuable practical experience ready for life as fully fledged veterinary surgeons.

To veterinary teams in all walks of life and all over the world, thank you for your kindness, care and compassion shown to all of the animals who are under your care.

Thanks to Beccy Burgess for singing in our video.

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