The Forgotten Heroes

Alongside the people, animals were very much a part of our past war history. Horses, donkeys and mules carried food, water, ammunition and medical supplies to soldiers on the front line and dogs and pigeons carried messages.

Canaries were used to detect poisonous gas and cats and dogs were trained to hunt rats in the trenches. Dogs were not only used for service work but also kept as pets and mascots to raise morale and provide comfort amidst the hardships of war.

Our video below remembers the heroes of war and the sacrifices they made.   We will not forget them or those that continue to face war and unrest.


‘The Forgotten Heroes’ Garden

We are currently in the process of creating a garden dedicated to the animals who served in the wars.

It will involve sculptures and informative boards telling stories of the different roles that animals played.

A peaceful and thoughtful place where one can learn about the past and pay respect to our forgotten heroes.



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