Smokey’s Story

You can imagine that for any animal, coming in to a rehoming centre can be very unsettling experience – they’re use to one particular lifestyle where they know the people and animals around them, the next they’re in an unfamiliar place with lots of new faces and animals, feeling very confused.

Some animals start to come out of their shell after a few days or so, others don’t adjust very well to life in centre, and for five-year-old Persian Cross Smokey this was definitely the case.

Smokey arrived at the centre due to his owner’s ill health, unfortunately they had not been able to care for him, leaving him painful mats and sores all over his body.

All Smokey could do was hide behind his bed – terrified of the new environment he was in.

Smokey at the centre before he was adopted in March 2017.


Luckily Smokey was in the best place to get the care and attention he needed – his skin was treated and his coat was de-matted under general anaesthetic which must have given him huge relief.

Fortunately Smokey made a full recovery, and although very nervous at the beginning, slowly but surely he started to come out of his shell and warm up to centre staff. This was great news as this meant he was able to start his search for a forever home.

Luckily for Smokey it wasn’t long before he caught someone’s eye and in March 2017 Smokey finally got his second chance with the Sharp family.

Smokey in his new home with his other animal pals.

“We knew he was the one for us instantly”, says Helen Sharp. “The RSPCA carer explained that Smokey had come into their care very matted as he was not brushed daily, making his skin sore and uncomfortable. We just wanted to take him home and look after him and give the forever home he deserved.”

Helen adds: “Since joining his new home Smokey has a new little sister, and a tortoise brother – he has come such a long way from a timid little boy hiding under the bed or the sofa, jumping at all noises, even the heating turning on and off, to exploring outside, and playing in the sun – he’s even confident enough now to jump up for cuddles.”

“It took a while but we have stood by him and we are so happy now thanks to RSPCA Radcliffe.”






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