Fred’s Story


“It was that adorable, handsome look”, says Simon Allan, when he was asked why Fred was the one for him. This now chilled out and happy dog has been given a new lease of life, and is far from the sorry state he entered the centre in.

Fred, now known as Buddy came in to RSPCA Radcliffe’s care back in June 2017 by an RSPCA inspector, after his owner couldn’t afford to pay for his skin treatment. Fred had been left with extreme fur loss on his back and hind quarters and sore and itchy skin, which must have been awfully uncomfortable for him.

Thanks to the dedication of the team at the centre, who frequently bathed and treated Fred, he is now in much better condition and is improving every day – though it will take some time for his coat to fully grow back.
Buddy is now living a much different life to one he has ever been use to, and has settled perfectly in to his new home. He now spends his days shadowing his new owner Simon, whilst he partakes in his school care taking duties, and after that he takes a well earned snooze on his favourite blanket.

Simon explains: “When I first met Buddy I was saddened by his appearance but after walking him you quickly realise Buddy is not in the slightest bit worried or depressed about it – he’s happy and full of life.”

“I am amazed at how quickly he’s settled, I was expecting him to be a bit stressed or worried but nothing materialised. He is free to go in the garden anytime I’m in the house, but he prefers if I come with him, he likes to follow me everywhere.”

Simon adds: “I’m a school caretaker and already he seems to take the opening up of the school with due diligence and pride, I just wish he would give me a few more minutes in bed!”

Fred when he first arrived at the centre…

Fred is now settled and happy in his new home.

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