Duncan’s Story

Duncan came into our centre as a stray with a terrible collar wound around his neck and shoulder region. His wound was so bad that we had to seek specialist help from a specialist soft tissue surgeon at the University of Nottingham Veterinary School.

Lucky for Duncan the surgery was a huge success, giving him a second chance in life. Through the hands of a brilliant surgeon and the loving care of the centre staff Duncan made a full recovery, and has since found his forever loving home that he so deserves.


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Bess’s Story

Thrown out of a car window from a moving vehicle on a dual carriageway. Tiny Bess is lucky to be alive & as Bess continues to grow in strength, we follow her brave journey.

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Milly’s Story

There are times when an animal comes into our centre when we are truly shocked at the condition it is in, and the cruel neglect it has experienced. Milly was one of these cases, where her skin condition was in such a bad way that it was causing her a lot of pain.

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