Benny’s Story

Imagine spending your life roaming the streets, with no one around to give you the love and care you deserve, you’d feel helpless, lonely and unwanted; well for one of our cats this had been his reality…

Last year Benny a semi-longhaired cat came to us in a very sorry state. He was found roaming the streets with a badly broken leg – thankfully he was rushed to a vet before coming in to our care and his leg was amputated which would give him the best chance of survival.

To our relief, Benny made a drastic recovery and it wasn’t long before he was up on his paws playing just like any normal cat – completely unfazed by the fact he only had three legs.

Unsurprisingly it wasn’t long before our special boy caught someone’s eye, and when Kristen Hager and Stephen Morgan saw Benny’s photo on the website they couldn’t resist him.

“It was only when we saw Benny for the first time that we realised that he only had three legs, however we were completely in love with him and in June 2017 we took him home and he settled in immediately!”, said Kristen.

“When we adopted Benny we expected him to be a bit limited in what he could do, we bought a litter tray for every floor of the house in case he was going to struggle with stairs, but it turns out he is as every bit mobile as an ordinary cat, and he can even climb trees! – Benny is loveable, affectionate and very mischievous.”

Kristen added: “We had such an amazing experience with the RSPCA at Radcliffe, everybody that we dealt with throughout Benny’s adoption process was caring and really helpful and patient, they clearly care a lot about the animals they’re looking after and we would definitely recommend anyone looking to rehome an animal to go to RSPCA Radcliffe.”


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