Bear’s Story

In April 2016, a former Crufts winner and respected individual in the dog training world was found to be keeping her 30 dogs in what were described as ‘little prison cells’.

The dogs were discovered living in awful conditions; dark rooms and cramped cages, caked in faeces and urine. Fortunately they were found in time and 28 of the dogs which could be saved were brought to the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre, for vital care and rehabilitation.

15 Months later and with the patience and dedication of the team here at the centre, all of the dogs involved in the Flyball case made a full recovery, and were all lovingly adopted into their forever homes.

Among those was a Border Collie named Bear,…. two years after leaving our centre he has become an irreplaceable member of his forever home…this is his story.



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