Running the Edinburgh Marathon

Jessica visited our centre back in June last year, looking for a companion for her lonely rabbit Cottontail, and adopted Benjamin. Benji has settled in extremely well and they are now inseparable.

Jessica wanted to say thank you for all the hard work everyone puts into the centre and the 5* care we give all the animals that pass through our doors. So she is SteppingUp and SteppingOut for the Radcliffe Animals and running the Edinburgh Marathon on the 24th May 2020.

What an amazing gesture, we look forward to following your story, thank you for SteppingUp & SteppingOut. If you would like to support Jessica and help raise funds for the centre, please click on her JustGiving page:

The RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre is an independent charity which receives no financial assistance from the National Lottery or government and is separate from the national RSPCA. We therefore raise all of our funds from local people, fundraising events, companies and other organisations. To learn more on how you can Stepup & Stepout and help raise money for our animals here at the Centre please click on our link:

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