What a week

It’s been a busy week for us (as always!) here at the RSCPA Radcliffe Animal Centre. We’ve continued to look after the dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and parrot under our care as well as some extra surprises this week. Yesterday we opened our doors to some wilder animals and even welcomed some Panthers on site!

I’ll explain a little later…

Monday morning began earlier than usual with an interview for Radio Leicester. This was definitely a first for me and well out of my comfort zone! I spoke to their presenter Ady about the dogs that were found in Redmile. Everyone has been keen to hear updates and hear about this case, so this was an opportunity to give everyone more information about the dogs and their rehabilitation with us. The dogs are still under our care and continue to receive veterinary treatment and regular checks with me as part of their recovery process. Their personalities are starting to come through and they are building their trust with humans again.

After the interview, it was business as usual with 9 operations on Monday and 7 operations on Tuesday to be performed. Once the animals were recovering, I went onto veterinary checks for our cats in our cattery wing. We had 25 cats to examine on Monday. We always have new arrivals needing to be checked over, as well as some of our ongoing cases who receive weekly or even more regular examinations if needed now that I’m on site daily.

We started Wednesday with more operations and then it was the turn of our dogs for veterinary checks. Following the checks I arrange medication, rechecks and operations as needed for them. It’s great to see improvements in these dogs as I get to know them week by week. I even get to recheck animals who have been rehomed recently and so it’s lovely to see them settling in with their new owners.

Thursday started just like a normal day with blood tests, dentals and operations. Everyone was safely recovered when we got the call to say we’d had an arrival of around 20 Panthers on site. This is not part of our normal routine! Of course I’m talking about the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey team who were here to to shoot their annual charity calendar and took the opportunity to meet some of our animals, our staff and have a look around. We showed them how we would examine the animals in the vet suite too. They seemed to love meeting some of our dogs and cats as you can see from the photos.


After a hectic week, Friday is a time to catch up and check on the progress of some of our animals, recheck some of our rehomed animals and prepare for the week ahead. With darker nights, Halloween and Bonfire Night all coming up, next week we’ll give more information about how to look after your pets in this period. Stay tuned for our top tips!

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