Christmas Appeal 2021

Many of you will have been following Delilah’s recovery from when she was first found abandoned, discarded like rubbish, her hind legs paralysed and dragging behind her.

With almost three months of care, love and patience, Delilah is recovering well and we are delighted with her progress.

After many weeks of rehabilitation she has regained the mobility in her legs and we have all our fingers crossed that her second MRI scan will show healing of her spine.

Delilah is the sweetest soul and this Christmas she helps deliver an important reminder that dogs are not toys.

They require lifelong care and Delilah helps us to make a plea that animals like her are not thrown away when they are ‘broken’ but are given the care and respect they deserve throughout their lifetime.

Without your support our work to help animals like Bella, Delilah and all those featured in this year’s video would not be possible.

Thank you for your kindness. It really does make a difference.


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