Rabbit Awareness

Pet Dental Health Month – Rabbits

February is Pet Dental Health Month. Dental and oral hygiene is a huge part of keeping your pet healthy, no matter what size or species. What teeth should my rabbit have? Rabbits have 3 different types of teeth which are unrooted and continually grow over their lifetime. Have a look at the types of teeth… Read more »

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Rabbits – RVHD

This is our final post in our series of blogs concentrating on Rabbit Awareness Week, running from the 1st – 9th June. Focusing on Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease also known as RVHD. What is RVHD? RVHD or Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease is a very contagious viral disease in rabbits which comes in two strains RVHD1… Read more »

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Rabbits – Myxomatosis

Jo’s third post focusing on Rabbit Awareness Week, highlights Myxomatosis which is a serious and often fatal condition in rabbits. We want to emphasise the importance of vaccination against this disease in your rabbits. What is Myxomatosis? Myxomatosis is a disease in rabbits which arrived in the UK 50 years ago. It is a severe… Read more »

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Rabbits – E.cuniculi

It’s time to continue our rabbit health information series. Our second post turns our attention to E.cuniculi which is a disease in rabbits leading to mobility and balance issues. What is E.cuniculi? E.cuniculi or Encephalitozoon cuniculi is a very small parasite which can affect a rabbit’s brain or kidneys. Rabbits may carry the parasite without… Read more »

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Rabbit Awareness Week – Flystrike

When it comes to the warmer months, our animals can need even more attention. Whilst we might enjoy the sunshine on summer days, the hotter weather can mean disaster for our rabbits and guinea pigs if they aren’t properly checked. One major problem in this time is flystrike, but we wanted to give some general… Read more »

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