Pet Ownership

The Benefits of Neutering your Pet

Neutering is the removal of an animal’s reproductive organs. Here at the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre we ensure that the animals under our care are all neutered or booked in for neutering before they go to their new homes. This is important for us to reduce the number of unwanted animals in the UK and… Read more »

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Benefits of an Older Pet

When considering adopting an animal, more often than not, people tend to steer towards the younger animals, so our more senior pets spend longer looking for their forever home. It seems the main worries people have when adopting an older pet is the financial investment, time and care or perhaps the myth that you can’t… Read more »

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Understanding Our Pets Behaviour

Our pets may not be able to talk to us but they definitely let us know how they are feeling with their body language. Animals may feel the need to protect or feel scared and this might change the way they interact with us. It is very important to understand pet behaviour in order for… Read more »

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Pet Travel Safety

Whether it’s local or long distance travel, we’re here to help with some tips for keeping your pets happy and safe. On the roads: It is now a common sight to see dogs travelling with their owners in cars and other vehicles. However it is a legal requirement that dogs or other animals travelling in… Read more »

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Vaccination is a very useful tool that we have in preventing and reducing infectious animal diseases. At the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre, all animals are examined and if needed receive a vaccination course to be protected. Some of these diseases unfortunately can be fatal or can be passed onto humans so it is important for… Read more »

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Microchip your pet for £10.00

The biggest benefit investing in a microchip for your dog, cat or rabbit, is to increase the chances of being reunited with your pet in the event of you becoming separated. While collars with tags can be used to identify our pets and carry contact information, these are not ideal as they may break or… Read more »

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