Pet Hazards

Poisons and Hazards Week 1

There are many things that are suitable for us to eat but sadly can be toxic to our animals. Over the next two weeks our centre vet Jo will highlight just some of the common ones. This week Jo is focusing on food and drink. Fruit cake – Anything containing raisins and sultanas which even… Read more »

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Poisons and Hazards Week 2

This week we’ll highlight just some of the common hazards around the environments our pets live in. Toys – It’s important to never leave a dog unsupervised with toys as they could be chewed or swallowed whole leading to blockages of their stomach or intestines. This can require life-saving surgery but prevention is much better… Read more »

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Grass Seeds

With summer well and truly here we decided it would be a good time to talk you through some of the hazards in this period. We’ve already mentioned heatstroke and fly strike but we will now focus on what else can go wrong in this season. Today we start with grass seeds. Grass Seeds What… Read more »

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Stings and Bites

With the summer sun, our pets are at more risk of injuries from stings and bites. This article covers some basic advice on what to watch out for over this period for your pets.   What could cause a sting or bite? There are many things that could lead to a sting or bite in… Read more »

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Internal Parasites

Last week we focused on external parasites which can be a huge pain for our pets and us. This week it’s time for us to look at internal parasites. Internal parasites can cause major problems for our pets including anaemia, poor immune function, bleeding or potentially could be fatal. We’ll talk through the major categories,… Read more »

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External Parasites

Pesky Parasites Parasites can be a pain for pets as well as for people around them. Not only can they cause skin and digestive problems but there are also some parasites out there which can be fatal. We’re going to focus on how to spot a parasite problem and parasite prevention for your pets. External… Read more »

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