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Pets and Fireworks Don’t Mix

Bonfire Night can be a noisy time of year and a really frightening time for your pets. As well as being stressful for them, animals have really acute hearing and loud bangs and whistles can even cause them pain. But with some preparation you can help your pet survive the 5th November and other fireworks… Read more »

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10 Benefits of Rehoming an Older Pet

When considering adopting an animal, more often than not, people tend to steer towards the younger animals, so our more senior pets spend longer looking for their forever home. It seems the main worries people have when adopting an older pet is the financial investment, time and care or perhaps the myth that you can’t… Read more »

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The Benefits of Neutering your Pet

Neutering is the removal of an animal’s reproductive organs. Here at the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre we ensure that the animals under our care are all neutered or booked in for neutering before they go to their new homes. This is important for us to reduce the number of unwanted animals in the UK and… Read more »

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Microchip your pet for £10.00

The biggest benefit investing in a microchip for your dog, cat or rabbit, is to increase the chances of being reunited with your pet in the event of you becoming separated. While collars with tags can be used to identify our pets and carry contact information, these are not ideal as they may break or… Read more »

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Internal Parasites

Last week we focused on external parasites which can be a huge pain for our pets and us. This week it’s time for us to look at internal parasites. Internal parasites can cause major problems for our pets including anaemia, poor immune function, bleeding or potentially could be fatal. We’ll talk through the major categories,… Read more »

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External Parasites

Pesky Parasites Parasites can be a pain for pets as well as for people around them. Not only can they cause skin and digestive problems but there are also some parasites out there which can be fatal. We’re going to focus on how to spot a parasite problem and parasite prevention for your pets. External… Read more »

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